December closes negative -2,67%

The international recessions continues and traffic figureas speaks that passengers handled in Bologna continue to go down. -2,67% in December. Freight is in opposite situation with a positive sign +39,7%. Mail is Ok with an enthusiastic +100%. -11,2% is the number of liners handled.
In December 2008 were 278.266 the passengers handled against 285.893 on the same month of 2007. Change is -2.67%.
Freight loaded on cargo liners or in the bulks of passenger flights sums to 2201 tons. Change is +39,7% compared with results matured in 2007 when they were 1576.
Mail is climbed to 178 tons against 89 of 2007. Change is +100%
4000 were the liner managed last month, compared with 4545 in 2007.
Figures are affected by the difficulties of these days. Positive is the relation that negative change had in passengers are lower than rate of decrease in the airliners landed. It means that load factors are so much higher than last year.
Subject to confirm due to figures in the hands lack of some datas. 2008 is closed with 4.222.403 passengers against 4.361.951 matured in 2007. Change is negative for 3,1-3,2% and more or less 138.000 is the difference.

Wizz moves to Forlì

Recently landed in Bologna and now on the way to move to the closest gateway of Forlì 60 Kms far way from main keypoint town of Emilia Romagna.
They has replaced Centralwings on services to Poland and they launched flights in booking to Romania and than suspended by March 29 2009 due to interesting approaches gets from Forlì airport management again looking to new airlines proposing also interesting landing fees conditions.
Wizz continue to go from Bologna until March 27 2009 and than is predicted to go from Forlì by summer timetable 2009.
Official releases comes only from Forlì airport and not by the airline. But deal is reported defined and they'll operate Poznan, Warsaw, Cluj and Bucuresti due to Katowice and Bucuresti becomes in competition with Windjet flight already open or close to be add.

KLM City Hopper introduces EMB190s on Bologna-Amsterdam

KLM City Hopper will introduces EMB190s on route Bologna-Amsterdam operated on behalf for KLM by September 29 2009.
The new Brazilian twin-jet is scheduled to go on flights KLM1591/1592 positioned in late afternoon.
KLM have three times a day link to Amsterdam and in summer are wholly flown by Fokker 100s.

Italynews - The aviation bulletin

EASYJET will add a twice weekly seasonal flight Lyon-Olbia in the period Jul 13 2009 to Aug 28 2009 on monday and friday with A319s.

KLM CITY HOPPER will introduce EMB190s onbehalf for KLM on flight number KL1591/2 by Sept 28 2009. Its one of three daily flights ooperated on Bologna-Amsterdam.

MYAIR will drop by Jan 31 2009 on tu-th-sa the route Venice-Bari. Its part of the route today operated Venice-Bari- Athens that after Feb 1 2009 is scheduled only on Bari-Athens.
They'll give up by Jan 24 2009 the route Bergamo-Casablanca, on that day its the last revenue flight scheduled.
ADP-Aeroporti di Puglia is extremely unsatisfied of deal signed with MyAir. IN a recent article published on local media the top management of public holding that manages all gateways in Apulia have declared that soon they'll push the airline to respect agreements that plans to fly 18 routes and not the 11 today in the network. In case that MyAir will continue to be not in accordance with pacts signe they'll stop the cvontract and of course compensations promised for route development co-marketing.

MERIDIANA have give up these routes in this period: Florence-Berlin TXL/Budapest/ Prague.
By Jan 31 2009 will disappear the route Florence-Palermo when last flight is scheduled.
Rome FCO-Milan Lin have last flight scheduled on March 27 2009, Paris CDG-Milan LIN is off by March 28 2009. Naples-Paris CDG is out by May 31 2009.

WIZZ will not commence on March 2 2009 the route Bologna-Bucuresti planned three times a week on tu-th-sa. The airline is on the way probably to upload new flights from Forlì soon with start up by March 29 2008.

Blue Air becomes twice. New route to Bacau

Surprisingly with a new liner based in Bacau it will open the new route Bologna-Bacau twice weekly on mondays and thursdays by March 30 2009.
This is the schedule proposed and now already available for bookings on airline website at www.blueair-web.com
17.20-20.50 JOR218 mo
19.00-22.30 JOR218 th
14.50-16.20 JOR217 mo
16.40-18.10 JOR217 th
Flights are operated with Boeing B737s flight equipment.
One way starts by 10€ without taxes. Round trip taxes enclosed costs 90€.
Blue Air continues its expansion in Bologna thanks to the good appeal matured in the market and strong relationship with them. They have an office in town where passengers without credit cards can book and buy ticket using cash payment.
Bologna in summer 2009 will have 5 destination listed in Romania. Two are new: Bacau with Blue Air and Costanta with Ryanair.

Italynews - The aviation bulletin

AIRONE have received from Airbus Industries three more A320/216, with regs EI-DSY (msn 3666), EI-DSZ (msn 3695). They were delivered on Jan 5 2009 with a delivery flight Toulouse-Rome FCO.
EI-DTA (msn 3732) was delivered on Jan 6 2009.

ALITALIA MD11SFs EI-UPE is delayed until this afternoon due to different reasons. Its scheduled as AZA8924 on routing Rome FCO-KJFK-Dothan, Alabama.

ALITALIA-CAI is close the partnership with Air France. 25% of the asset will go in the hands of Air France/KLM for 300 million €.
Rumors reports new flights on Catania-Florence/ Naples.
First day of operations planned on Jan 13 2009 will commence at 6am for Alitalia liners where technical parperwork must be done inn the passage between old and new venture network operations. In the night between 12 and 13, freight flights are granted by Airone liners not affected in this procedure of paperwork company change.

BLUE AIR with a new liner based in Bacau it will open the new route Bologna-Bacau twice weekly on mondays and thursdays by March 30 2009.

17.20-20.50 JOR218 mo

19.00-22.30 JOR218 th

14.50-16.20 JOR217 mo
16.40-18.10 JOR217 th

They resumes two times a week Bacau-Bergamo, 2xweek on wednesdays and sundays.
Flights are right now on booking engines with 10€ one way spwecial promo fare available, without taxes.

In the last days it has used VIa A320s on Bologna-Bucaresti in order to cope the highest post Christmas demand.

MYAIR CRJ900s EI-DUM is again on tarmac at Madrid after small damage get some days ago.

RYANAIR have scheduled two special flights on Apr 1 and 2 2009 on Dublin-Bari selling tickets for supporting the soccer game Italy-Ireland. These flights are on airline booking engine.

TNT on Jan 7 have used an A300Fs on Bologna-Liege night small parcel flight.


Hamburg Airlines and OnAir partners on Bologna-Berlin

Seasonal twice weekly the Bologna-Berlin SXF will open games by July 10 to September 14, 2009. Monday and friday are the days of operations with Airbus A319s. One ways or round trip are in sale by 59€ plus taxes on Hamburg Airlines and OnAir (www.flyonair.it) web sites.
Bologna-Berlino Schoenefeld
4R2177 13.00-14.35 lunedì A319
4R2147 13.25-15.00 venerdì A319
Berlino Schoenefeld-Bologna
4R2176 10.40-12.15 lunedì A319
4R2146 11.05-12.40 venerdì A319

Italynews - The aviation bulletin

ALITALIA further three MD82s will leave tomoprrow Italy to Malta on the way south to South Africa. They are I-DAWO/G/Q.

ALITALIA CARGO, tomorrow MD11SFs EI-UPE will be ferried back in US with flight number AZA8924 from Rome FCO to Dothan, Alabama via New York JFK.

BLUE PANORAMA, B767/300ER EI-CZH is now in service since last weekend.

They had a technical fault on a B737/300s who have caused 18 hours of delay. They have replaced it with a back up airliner leased in ACMI from another carrier. Route planned was a Roma FCO-Marsa Alam-Rome FCO. Passengers were assisted with meals and night paid by the airline.

DELTA AIR LINES continue to reduce and drop weekly frequencies on Pisa-New York JFK. Suspended by next coming week until the first days of February 2009, with at least 3 weeks of flights wholly dropped. With effect Feb 8 to March 9 2009 the route is operated 3xweek and non as scheduled until some days ago with 4xweek.
Low bookings affects this route in winter and especially when traffic is lowest for leisure demand.

EASYJET will open 4xweek Liverpool-Naples by summer 2009 on mo-we-fr-su.

EUROFLY passengers stranded in Mombasa and Zanzibar after that fault is occured to an A330s were lifted back thanks to an Air Italy B757/200s.

JADE CARGO is now suffering company rebuilding and network is affected from the new asset on the way to be designed by Lufthansa Cargo. Some gateway in Italy can disappear. Brescia is one probably in the list where until now the load factor was not ever excellent.

MEA will offer in summer 2009 four weekly flights to Milan Mxp and Rome FCo with separate schedules:
Milan MXP-Beyrut is 4xweek on mo-we-fr-su
Rome FCO-Beyrut is 4xweek on tu-th-sa-su
Flight equipment is A320s on all the routes.

MYAIR is currently leasing in ACMI different airliners from a Mistral Air B737/300s, Itali Airlines MD82s and JeTran Air MD82s to cope network necessities.

NORWEGIAN by Apr 2 2009 will open Rome FCO-Stockholm 4xweek on mo-we-fr-su with B737/800s.

WINDJET is now dropped the route Forlì-Olbia. This route announced when new hub in Forlì was released by the press conference is disappeared from many days on the airline booking engine.
Route Forlì-Barcellona and scheduled twice a week by March 29 2009 is now planned to go by June 20. Its almost three months of stop where flights loaded in the past on booking engine now are disappeared.

WIZZ will add the route Treviso-Sofia by March 30 2009 on tu-th-sa. Its operated with a 180 seater A320s and it copes the hole left on the route by MyAir disappeared recently on Venice-Sofia.

Italynews - The aviation bulletin

AIR ITALY, new summer flights are scheduled and available for sale on booking engines right now.
They are planned from Verona and Olbia to selected domestic destinations:
Olbia to Bari/Catania/Naples/Verona/Turin( from 4xweek to daily in the peak) from Jun 26 2009.
Verona to Lamezia Terme/Reggio Calabria (3xweek)/Brindisi and Olbia-Palermo by July 24 2009.
Schedules and day of operations are variable with rush peak on summer

AIRONE now is CAI. Take over was signed on Dec 31 2008.

BLU EXPRESS have Lamezia Terme in evaluation for new flights to Rome FCO. Venice is also another market where slots request was presented.
They has uploaded a new twice weekly seasonal flight Rome FCO-Ibiza on fridays and sundays in the period June-September 2009. Tickets starts from 69€ one way.

BRITISH AIRWAYS, rumors reports they will operate a seasonal London LCY-Pisa with a variable schedule from 2xweek to 4xweek. There are no confirms due to flights are not actually scheduled on CRSs, rumors appears that comes from Pisa Airport that has also announced this new flight in arecent article appeared on medias.

CIMBER STERLING is the name applied to the new division that will operate low cost operations on routes previously operated by Sterling and went out of business at end of October 2008. Two B737/700s are the flight equipment recently contracted from former fleet in use by old Sterling.

EUROFLY have problems with an A330/200 in AOG at Mombasa and an Air Italy B767/200s is leased from Air Italy in order to cope the schedule.

MYAIR use one or two ACMI MD82s from Itali Airlines on selected days of the week for granting the network.

VOLAREWEB on Jan 12 2009 will fly the last revenue operated flight on Brindis-Milan scheduled on late afternoon.


Aer Lingus/Ryanair on Bologna-Dublin by summer 2009

Aer Lingus and Ryanair will operate in clash on Bologna-Dublin by summer season 2009.
Uploading the new summer services, Aer Lingus confirms three times a week the seasonal Bologna-Dublin. Ryanair will begin to fly on the leg by Oct 27 twice a week and in summer they'll increase until 4xweek.
Aer Lingus (Ryanair owns 31% of shares) will work on tuesday, thursday and saturday. Ryanair will fly in the remaining days.